Eurovision 2018 Recap

Another Eurovision has come to an end. Israel won the competition with the amazing Netta and her song TOY, a song inspired by the ‘Me Too’ movement. Back in March when the song first released, shortly became the number one favourite by the bookers. It kept the spot until the Cypriot representative, Eleni Foureira, performed live her song on stage. Her powerful ‘Fuego’ warmed the fans, who made her, the most likely to win. Unfortunately, the Greek singer didn’t manage to bring the first win for the Mediterranean Island. Her second place is the best ever for the country. Czech Republic, with Mikolas Joseph, achieved its best result, with the sixth place in the final too.

Portugal became the second host country that finished last since 2015, when Austria finished with no points. Before the contest five countries had a 100% rate of qualification, but by the end only two kept this rate. Azerbaijan, Romania and Russia, failed to qualify for the first time, whilst Australia and Ukraine still have their perfect score.

Some incidents took place at the Eurovision at the rehearsals and the lives. First of all, Mikolas from Czech Republic suffered from an injure to his back by a fall, while he was dancing  on stage. He managed to recover and after some changes to his performance, he sang as was planed in the first semi-final.

Also, EBU terminated its partnership with MANGO TV, the Chinese broadcaster of the contest, shortly after the first semi-final. This termination was made because of the censorship of the MANGO TV, to the Albanian and Irish songs. Albania was skipped due to a ban on television performers displaying tattoos that took effect in January 2018. Ireland was censored due to its representation of a homosexual couple on-stage. EBU took that decision, because censorship is against its values of celebrating diversity.

Moreover, SuRie from the UK suffered from an invader at her live performance. The man took violently the microphone from SuRie and started shouting. The activist was walked out from the stage and SuRie continue her performance. EBU gave an opportunity to UK, to perform again, but they decline it. Later, it was discovered that SuRie suffered several bruises on her right hand.

At the voting, juries gave the first place to Austria, second to Sweden and third to Israel. At the televoting the winner was Israel, the second place was given to Cyprus and the third to Italy. Combing the two scores, Israel won, followed by Cyprus and Austria.

Portugal, at its first hosting of the contest, in my opinion, didn’t do a great job. The tight budget stole the LED screens from the stage. In addition, we saw many glitches at the live performances.

In case you missed it – I know it is impossible, but anyway – below you can find a recap of the 43 competing acts of this year’s contest.

What do you think about this year’s contest? Don’t forget to comment below!

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