Bilal Hassani To Represent France In 2019


PHOTO BY: Low Wood

Tonight France choose its representative for the Eurovision. Bilal Hassani won the “Destination Eurovision 2019” – the national selection of France – with 200 points, with the song “Roi”, which means King.

The song got an average score by the international juries, finishing 5th out of the 8 contestants, with only 50 points. Seemone with her song “Tous Le Deux” get 94 points and finished 1st in the juries.

The international panel had 50% of the result and the rest of it was determined by televoting. Bilal – the fan favourite – scored 150 points getting the first place in the televoting and in the scoreboard after all. Here is the winning entry:

Bilal Hassani

Bilal Hassani is a French singer and songwriter of Moroccan descendant. He became popular by his participation in the Fench edition of The Voice Kids, in 2015, where he sang the Eurovision winning song of 2014.

The song is about embracing your self and is written by Madame Monsieur (France 2018), Madeline and Bilal himself. The artist will fly the French flag to the Grand Final, in Tel Aviv, on 18 May, as France being part of the “Big 5”!

France in Eurovision 2018

France after a couple of years of internal selection decided to organise a show – 2 semi-final and 1 final – named “Destination Eurovision 2018”, the same format with 2019. The duo Madame Monsieur won, with their song “Mercy”, a song about the Syrian refugees. The song did average to the contest finish 13th out of the 26 at the end of the night. Here is their Grand Final performance:

What do you think about the song? Is it enough to bring France its sixth victory? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.

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