Michael Rice For UK

Michael Rice
Photo by: BBC

A few minutes ago Britain chose its 2019 song and artist. Michael Rice with the song “Bigger Than Us” will wave the British flag in Tel Aviv. Listen to the entry here:

At the final, we heard three songs in two different editions. The jury decided which from the two editions like best. After this round, Kerrie-Anne, Jordan Clarke and Michael Rice proceeded to the second round. In the second phase the audience vote for their favourite. After all, Michael won the golden ticket for Israel.

The song is a pre-qualified entry, as the UK being part of the Big 5. With this entry, we know the 3 out of the 6 songs of the pre-qualified entries of the final. Tomorrow, Italy will choose the fourth one, at the Sanremo Music Festival.

Highlights Of The Night

At the highlights of the evening, we saw SuRie performing a ballad edition of her song and the Eurovision 2018 winner, Netta singing “Toy”. In addition, Måns performed a medley of some UK’s winning entries and Katrina Leskanich sang UK’s latest winning entry “Love Shine A Light”.

What do you think about the song? Is it enough to bring UK its sixth victory? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.

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