Drama In Ukraine

Ukraine 2019
Photo by: UA:PBC

Yesterday, it was confirmed that the winner of Vidbir 2019, Maruv, will not represent Ukraine in Tel Aviv! Maruv won the national final this Saturday as we have already written you here.

After Maruv won, a contract was sent to her that prohibited her to tour in Russia in order to become the Ukrainian representative. The artist herself revealed that the broadcaster also banned her from improvising on stage and it will choose where she will give her interviews. Maruv also claimed that UA:PBC will not pay for the trip’s expenses to Israel.

After all these commands by the broadcaster, Maruv officially isn’t going to represent the country in the upcoming Eurovision. Now UA:PBC has to find another artist to sent in Tel Aviv, one that would agree in its terms. The artist is now going to be chosen through an internal selection.

We remind you that due to the Crimean dispute between Russia and Ukraine since 2014 a lot of tension has been brought to the stage of Eurovision.

Is Ukrainian participation in danger? Is it going to find in time someone new to represent it? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.

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