16 Songs In 1 Week!

Israel 2019
Photo by: EBU

It’s going to be a busy week for the Eurovision world! In the next 7 days, the last 16 songs of this year’s contest will be released.

5th March

Tomorrow, Tamta will release her song “Replay”. Tamta was announced back in December as the 2019 representative for the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The team behind the song is the same as Eleni Foureira’s song last year.

6th March

Greece has announced its representative and the title of its song. Katerine Duska will release her song on the 6th of March at 21:00 CET and it’s titled “Better Love”.

7th March

7th of march will be a very busy day for Euro-fans. The Netherlands and San Marino will release their song. The Netherlands is represented by Duncan Laurence and San Marino by the Turkey singer Serhat. At the same day, Switzerland will announce both its song and artist for this year’s contest. The national final of Belarus will also take place.

8th March

On Friday Austria’s representative PÆNDA will release her song “Limits”. F.Y.R.O.M. representative Tamara Todevska will also release her song “Proud”. Ireland will announce both its artist and song.

9th March

On Saturday is the last week of the Melodifestivalen, Sweden’s National Final. After a long journey of six weeks, Sweden is going to decide which will wave the flag of the Scandinavian country.

10th March

Israel will release its song “Home” this Sunday. The host nation is represented by Kobi Marimi the winner of Rising Star of Israel.

11th March

Next Monday is the deadline that EBU has given to the national broadcasters to announce their representatives and their songs.

Unknown Dates

Five countries haven’t announced when they will release their entries. Poland, Armenia, Malta and Russia had announced their representatives. Tulia, Srbuk, Michela Pace and Sergey Lazarev are the artists of those countries respectively. The only country that we know neither the artist nor the date of announcement yet is Azerbaijan (more).

In the days that will come all the songs will be released and will have plenty of time till May to listen to them on repeat!

Are you excited about the songs that will be released? Do you think the winner of this year’s contest is among them? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.


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