Tamta Releases Replay!

Cyprus 2019.jpg
© CyBC

Tamta released her song “Replay”. Tamta was announced back in December as the 2019 representative for the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Today, the artist released her song. The team behind the song is the same as Eleni Foureira’s song last year, which came second. CyBC, Cyprus public broadcaster was obviously very satisfied by last year’s place since its the best for the country. The song is uptempo with a catchy tune.

Tamta is from Georgia but had made a successful career in Greece and Cyprus too. She first tried to participate in Eurovision in 2007 with her ballad ”With Love” but failed to win the ticket for Belgrade. In 2015 tried again with the same country. Her pop song ”Unloved” missed ERT’s deadline and she never participated in the national final. This year Cyprus gave her the chance to fulfil her Eurovision dream.

Cyprus performs in the first half of the first semifinal.

Cyprus In 2018

Last year, the country was represented by the amazing Eleni Foureira. Her song ”Fuego” won the Euro-fans’ hearts and finished second in the final with 436 points, the best for Cyprus till today!

What do you think about the song? Is it going to give Cyprus its first win? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.

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