Greece 2019: Katerine Duska Releases Better Love!

Greece 2019

Katerine Duska released her song “Better Love”. Katerine was announced back in February as the 2019 representative for the Mediterranean country of Greece.

Today, the artist released her song. She has co-written it alongside with Leon of Athens and David Sneddon. The song has been characterized by the artist as an intellectually pop! The release of the song was officially released tonight at 21:00 CET. The song was presented earlier exclusively at the program presentation of ERT at 19:30 (local time). At this presentation, the CEO of ERT stated that the broadcaster wants a win for Greece in order to bring satisfaction to the Greek people!

Katerine Duska is a Greek-Canadian. She studied classical guitar from a young age. When she was a teenager, she moved to Greece with her family. She studied at the law school in Athens but then realised that she wanted to be a part of the Music Industry. She is an alternative music artist and her voice reminds a lot to Amy Winehouse’s. In 2013 she released her first song “One In A Million”.

Greece performs in the second half of the first semifinal.

Greece In Eurovision 2018

Greece last year was represented by Yianna Terzi and her song “Oneiro Mou”. Her powerful ethnic ballad didn’t manage to qualify to the Final, finishing 14th in the Semi-Final. This came after some technical issues at the jury show the night before the Semi. Greece has only missed the final on two occasions, in 2016 and in 2018. Here you can watch Yianna’s appearance in Lisbon:

What do you think about the song? Is it going to give Greece its second win? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.

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