Spain 2019: New Version Of La Venda

Miki OT

Miki released a new version of “La Venda” alongside with his video clip. The Spanish artist made some changes in his entry. Those changes can be noticed since the very first second of the new version.

The dancers throughout the video hang posters with the message “La Venda Ya Cayó” all over the city of Barcelona. The choice of Barcelona as a setting of the video wasn’t random. Miki is from Barcelona! Fokas Evangelinos will be the artistic director of the Spanish entry this year in Tel Aviv. Fokas is very experienced and famous in the Eurovision world.

Miki was selected to represent his country in the upcoming Eurovision contest in the middle of January. He won the national final with 34% of the votes (more).

Spain in Eurovision 2018

Last year Spain used after about a decade the OT a selection process of its participant. The duo Amaia and Alfred won with their emotional ballad and wave the Spanish flag at Lisbon. The romance between the two artists wasn’t received well by the Europeans and they finished 23rd after all. Bellow, you can see their live performance at the Grand Final.

What do you think about the new version? Is it enough to bring Spain its third victory? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.

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