San Marino: Serhat Released “Say Na Na Na”

San Marino 2019

Serhat released his song “Say Na Na Na”. Serhat was announced back in January as the 2019 representative for the small republic of San Marino (more).

Today, the artist released his song. The team behind the song is Nektarios Tyrakis from Greece and Olcayto Ahmet Tuğsuz from Turkey. The team is the same as Serhat’s first attempt in 2016.

Serhat is from Turkey. He gained fame with his second single “Total Disguise”. Is noteworthy that he released a new edition of the song on Summer. In that edition, he collaborated with the 2005 winner of the contest Helena Paparizou (more).

Serhat represented the nation again in 2016. His song “I Didn’t Know” didn’t manage to qualify to the final after finishing 12th in his semi.

San Marino performs in the second half of the first semifinal.

San Marino In 2018

San Marino competed for the ninth time in 2018 and face its eighth elimination in the Semi-final. Although last year, the small nation used a global national final, in collaboration with the British company 1in360.

After two shows and one final Jessica and Jennifer Brening was chosen to represent the country with the song “Who We are”. The duo failed to make to the final and finished 17th with only 28 points. Here you can remember Jessica’s and Jennifer’s last year’s attempt.

What do you think about the song? Is it enough to bring San Marino its second qualification and its first win? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.

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