Artist Profile: Albania 2019 – Jonida Maliqi

Albania 2019
Photo by: Artist’s Facebook Page

Jonida Maliqi is this year’s representative of Albania in the Eurovision. Jonida was born in 1983 in Tirana. From a young age, she sang in various music contests. In 1995 she competed in the Albanian music festival “Festivali i Këgnës” along with Aleksandër Rrapi and again in 1997 with Kastriot Tush. That year her song was dedicated to Mother Teresa.

Throughout the years, she had competed in various children music competitions of her country winning many of them. Jonida studied at the University of Arts in Tirana and she plays the violin and the guitar.

As an adult, Jonida has participated in festivals such as “Top Fest” and “Festivali i Këngës”. She has also competed in many International festivals in Europe.

Except for a talented singer, she is a talented actress too. She had portrayed Juliet in the Albanian musical adaption of “Romeo and Juliet”. Jonida has also hosted the fourth season of her country’s Dancing with the star and in 2016 was a judge in The Voice of Albania.

Jonida is competing for the first time in the Eurovision. Her song “Ktheju Tokës” is translated as “Return To Your Land” and it is composed by Eriona Rushiti. Albania is competing in the second half of the second semifinal.

Fun Fact: Tomorrow (26th of March) is Jonida’s 36th birth! Happy birthday in advance!

What do you think about the song? Is it going to give the country its first win? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.

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