Artist Profile: Latvia 2019 – Carousel

Latvia 2019
Photo by: LTV

This year, Latvia is represented by Carousel. Carousel started as a duo in 2015 and was consisted by singer Sabine Zuga and guitarist Marcis Vasilevskis.

At the begining they covered latvian songs, but by 2018 they started composing their owns. In 2019 they competed in the 2019 edition of Supernova, the latvish national selection. Their entry “That Night” won the selction coming first on jury votes and second in public.

After their participation to the national final, the duo bacame quartet with the addition of two new members. Stanislav Judins plays the double bass and Mareks Logins plays the drums.

The indie group is curently working on their debut album.

Latvia performs 5th in the second semifinal.

What do you think about the song? Is it going to give the country its second win? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.

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