Editorial: First Rehearsals – Day 4

Photo By: Thomas Hanses / EBU

A couple of hours ago, the fourth day of rehearsals came to an end. The last 9 acts of the second semifinal rehearsed at the Expo Tel Aviv.

Croatia 🇭🇷

The boy can obviously sing, but the song… I don’t know if it’s good enough! The one thing I’m sure about it that isn’t one of my favourites. The graphics are ok and the smoke suits with the whole concept. I’m not a big fan of the golden wings. They remind me of a pair of wings I wore in my kindergarten Christmas play, with a bigger budget – Roko’s pair – but still.

Malta 🇲🇹

Malta is one of this year’s secret gem. It’s obviously in the top-10 of the odds, but everyone talks about the Netherlands and Switzerland and don’t mention Malta at all. The song is pure dance song and the graphics – and the whole staging – fits perfect Michela, a young millennial girl.

Lithuania 🇱🇹

Here is the third and final Baltic country for this year. Lithuania is almost the same situation as its other two Baltic friends. The songs are good but it is more likely that will get lost in the night. The staging, like the song, isn’t memorable and that’s a huge problem!

Russia 🇷🇺

What an amazing staging? One more year that Russia paid a lot for their Eurovision entry. Sergey delivered a perfect choreography with the already perfect vocals. I’m excited to watch his second performance!

Albania 🇦🇱

Jonida has very good vocals, something that was obvious ever since her national final appearance. My concerns are that her whole performance is so simple that will not be memorable enough in order to get some points. I believe that until her second rehearsal, all the important changes would have become.

The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Duncan is the ultimate odd favourite once day one. His song is one of my top-10 songs. His rehearsal was simple, his only props were his piano and his vocals. And now the big question… Is it enough? To be honest, I don’t know, but at the same time, I believe he can easily the whole thing!

Norway 🇳🇴

This one needs some changes! I mean their song was very good, but their performance isn’t. They need to add something. They will qualify, but if they want something more than a qualification they must try a little bit harder. The only reason I point out that much of the changes are because I know they can do better. Oh… and please wear the video clip’s ears, I adore them! 😍

North Macedonia 🇲🇰

The big improvement here… nice props, nice vocals and nice lighting. The only thing I don’t like is Tamara’s dress… let’s hope they change it, cause this ballad can rule the night!

Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

Azerbaijan this year went full futurist with the two robotic arms. The background and Chinqiz’s outfit fit perfect to the concept. Of course, his singing skills are very obvious throughout the song.

That was my opinion about the last 9 rehearsals of the second semifinal. Tomorrow, they will be no rehearsals due to the National Day of Israel. The rehearsals will continue on Thursday, with the second appearance of the first 15 acts of the first semifinal.

Comment: Today I was more satisfied with what I watched than yesterday!

What do you think about the first rehearsals? What are your favourite and your least favourite act so far? Let us know on the comment box below!

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