ESC 2019: Duncan Laurence Wins For The Netherlands!

Photo By: Andres Putting / EBU

Duncan Laurence is the winner of this year’s contest.

In tonight’s thrilling voting, the Netherlands won the contest for the fifth time. Duncan and his song “Arcade” won nor the Televoting or the Jury voting, finishing 2nd and third respectively! It’s the first time since 2016 and the second in the history of the contest that this happened.

“Arcade” collected 492 points with a difference of 27 points from the 2nd placer Italy. is noteworthy that the country won its semifinal, but once again came 2nd and third in the televoting and jury voting.

The Netherlands In The Eurovision

The Netherlands debuted in 1956, in the first ever Eurovision. Since then it has participated 60 times, missing out only four times. Two times because the date of the contest was the same with Remembrance of the Dead and two times to bad previous results – a rule of the Eurovision at that period.

The country has won the event 5 times, in 1957, 1959, 1969, 1975 and 2019. It also has finished last in 1958, 1962, 1963, 1968 and 2011 (semifinal) – in 1962 and in 1963 with no points at all. In recent years, the country achieved a second place in 2014 and from 2013 only one elimination.

What do you think about the winner? Are you satisfied? Let us know on the comment box below!

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