Editorial: Eurovision 2019 – Everything You Missed!

48 hours after the grand final and I’m sure you all have post-Eurovision depression, like me! But what really happened on Saturday’s final? In this post, I’m going to analyse the events of last week’s shows!

The Netherlands won for the first time in 45 years! Duncan Laurence and his song “Arcade” gathered 492 points and won the contest. Is noteworthy that The Netherlands came second on the televoting and third on the jury voting – both on the semi and the final – but that didn’t stop it for finishing first!

Norway won the televoting with 291 points 30 points ahead of the winner Duncan! On their semi once again came first by public’s opinion with 170 points again with 30 points difference from 2nd placer the Netherlands.

North Macedonia, came 2nd in the juries on the final missing the first place by just one point. The new name for the country worked like a lucky charm! On its semi, it won the juries with 155 points – 5 ahead of Sweden. The second place would have been first, but the Belarusian points were dismissed (see below). After all, the Balkan nation finished 8th the best for the country, since its debut.

Except for North Macedonia, San Marino saw its best result too. Serhat managed to qualify the small nation, the second time in its history. “Say Na Na Na” received 65 points – 10th place – in the public and 16 points – 23rd place – in the juries. In total, the country received 81 points and finished 20th.

Sweden finished 6th in the final. It’s a decent place for the Scandinavian country, but you can change your mind if you think that it scored the 1st place in the juries and only the 9th in the televoting. Here you have the Swedish problem in the Eurovision! The 6th times’ winner as almost every year has the juries in its favour. If they want their 7th win, Swedes have to aim for the public!

Final’s top-5 saw The Netherlands, followed by Italy, Russia, Switzerland and Norway. It’s shocking if you think that the public’s favourite finished 5th and juries 6th! So… here is why I think voting is better to be 60%-40% – 60% for the public. I mean the public is the reason that the contest exists!

The Big-5 Problem

Here we are again, in another Eurovision with the majority of the Big-5 countries reaching rock bottom! The United Kingdom finished last with just 16 points. Germany did a little bit better-finishing 24th with 32 points all from the juries – the public gave it null points! Spain almost the same situation in 22nd place with 60 points. France did better from them, as it does the last couple of years, finishing 14th with 105 points. The only exception is Italy, with its 465 points and the 2nd place! Italy is one of the countries that not giving much attention to the contest and yet they are pretty good at it.

Most people think that the problem for the majority of these countries is they are already pre-qualified to the final. That’s the reason why we are shown a preview of them in each semi. In my opinion, is that this is not the problem… the problem is the songs! The artists can sing but they have average songs that they are not memorable! I believe this is what they should work on!

Belarusian Jury

EBU confirmed that the Belarusian jurors have been dismissed and their votes won’t be count in the final’s results. The reason for this action is because they revealed in an interview, which countries they voted, something that is against the rules! The odd thing is that the EBU made up the Belarusian jury votes! If you want to be fair, you just change the jury or you don’t let any jury points from that country for the final!

Interval Acts

Madonna gave us a memorable interval act, not for her vocal skills but for her political actions! The Israelis didn’t believe in their eyes when the queen of pop used the words “Wake Up” at the end of her song and actually pretty much her entire “Future” performance!

The best interval came from Conchita, Måns, Eleni Foureira, Verka and Gali Atari! The first four acts switched songs and the act closed by Gali Atari uniting all of them with her song. An amazing moment for the night.

Iceland’s Protest

The BDSM anti-capitalism group Hatari was booed by the Israeli audience when they showed us the Palestinian flag. EBU stated that the contest is no place for political views, but its the same organisation that left Jamala’s song participate… and let me say that I liked Jamala’s song and I was happy when she won! You can check Hatari’s band member video to see an Israeli man – part of the Eurovision crew – asking them to give him the flags.

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Well… that was another nice, thrilling, controversial, memorable contest. And to be honest it was my favourite since 2016!

What do you think about the contest? Do you like it? Let us know on the comment box below!

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