Friday’s Quote – Yugoslavia 1983

Our quote today is from the Yugoslavian entry of 1983. The country sent the Montenegrin singer Daniel – a.k.a. Milan Popović.

Daniel moved in Zagreb in 1977 to start his musical career. In 1983 he won the national final with his song “Džuli” (Julie) beating the rest fifteen entries. The song is composed by Daniel himself. The lyrics were written by Mario Mihaljević and Rajko Simunović.

The song achieved a great result in the night finishing 4th (out of the 20 competing countries) with 125 points. This was at the time the best result for the Balkan country – along with 1962’s entry. Except for the good result, the song became a hit in many European countries and was also translated in English under the title “Julie”.

Kao i sve ljetne snove

I nju mi je odnio dan

Ostalo samo je sjećanje na jedan juli

The quote is in Serbo-Croatian. In English that translates to: “Like all the summer dreams, the day took her away, only a memory of a July was left”.

You can see a part of the song at 2:25!

What do you think about the song? Do you like the quote? Let us know on the comment box below.

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