Friday’s Quote – Germany 1971

Our quote today is from the Germany entry of 1971. The country sent the German singer Katja Ebstein – a.k.a. Karin Witkiewicz.

Katja was born in Gniewków, today’s part of Poland in 1945. Her singing career started in 1969. She is married to Christian Bruhn, who has composed several songs for her. She represented her country three times in Eurovision. All the three of them finished in the Top-3, but she never won. That makes her the most successful entry of the contest without a win, according to John Kennedy O’Connor’s book.

In 1971 her song “Diese Welt” achieved a great result in the night finishing 3rd (out of the 12 competing countries) with 100 points. Except for the German version, the song was released in English, French and Spanish.

Und ist sie auch ein Staubkorn

Nur in der Unendlichkeit

Nur dieser Stern ist unser Stern

Die andern sind viel zu weit

The quote is in German. In English that translates to: “And even if it is just a piece of dust, floating in infinity, only this star is our star, the others are too far away”.

You can see a part of the song at the beginng of the video!

What do you think about the song? Do you like the quote? Let us know on the comment box below.

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