Country Of The Month: The Netherlands Part 4


We decided to start our new series of articles “Country Of The Month” with the 2019 winning country the Netherlands. In a period of five weeks, we are going to remind you of the best Dutch entries. Note: we selected the entries not by their place in their final, but by their impact in the fans.

Marlayne – One Good Reason

In 1999, the Netherlands chose Marlayne to represent it in the 44th Eurovision Song Contest. Marlayne was selected along with her song “One Good Reason” by a national final. On the event, the winner was a result of a jury and televoting.

The song “One Good Reason”, was composed by Tjeerd van Zanen, Alan Michael. The song won the national final, beating the other nine participating entries. The song is the first Dutch entry that was not been released in a Dutch version. Despite being a fan-favourite, Marlayne finished 8th with 71 points.

Marlayne was born in 1971 in Baarn, Netherlands. Her full name is Marlayne van den Broek. She started as a back-vocalist and in 1999 she participated in the national final as a lead singer. Her entry won and represented her country in Jerusalem. After her participation at the contest, she followed a news presenter career and she even hosted a reality show. Marlayne is married since 1999 and she gave birth to her first child in 2009.

We selected this entry for “one good reason”… The song was good and one that was going for the win. She may be finished 8th – and therefore disappoint the Dutch fans – but the song is still a fan-favourite.

The Netherlands in the Eurovision 🇳🇱

The Netherlands was among the seven countries, that took part in the first ever contest. Since then, the country has participated 60 times, missing the event only four times – 1985, 1991, 1995, 2002. In 1985 and 1991, the country withdrew from the contest, because the date of the final was the same with the Dutch Remembrance of the Dead. The other two times, the country wasn’t able to compete due to the rules of the contest.

The country has come first 5 times, in 1957, 1959, 1969, 1975 and more recently in 2019. The Netherlands has also come last 5 times in 1958, 1962, 1963, 1968 and 2011 (in the semifinal). It is noteworthy that in 1962 and 1963, it failed to score any points at all.

Since the introduction of the semifinals, Netherlands didn’t manage to qualify for 8 years in a row, from 2005 until 2012 – that’s a Eurovision Record.

What do you think about the song? Do you like it? Do you think is it one of the most memorable entries from the Netherlands? Let us know in the comment box below.

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