Friday’s Quote – Croatia 1993

Our quote today is from the Croatian entry of 1993. That was the debut entry of the nation in the contest as an independent country. The selected entry was “Don’t Ever Cry” by Put.

Put is a 6-member group that was formed in Rijeka, the third-largest city of Croatia. The members were Vivien Galletta, Angela Jeličić, Melita Sedić, Naim Ajra, Petar Cucak Migliaccio and Olja Desic. The group won the national final Dora 1993 with a 9 points difference from the second placer and therefore became the first act of the country in the Eurovision.

Their song, “Don’t Ever Cry” achieved the 15th place (out of the 25 competing countries) with 31 points. It was composed by Andrej Baša and the lyrics were written by Đorđe Novković. The conductor of the live performance was Andrej Baša himself. The song is about peace and war, glorifying the first one. It refers to the participation of the country during the Yugoslav war.

Don’t ever cry, don’t ever cry

Never say goodbye, never say goodbye

Don’t ever cry, don’t ever cry

Never say goodbye, never say goodbye

Don’t ever cry, my Croatian sky

The quote is in English but the song is a combination of English and Croatian. I selected this part due to the last lyrics – the last of the whole song – “Don’t ever cry, my Croatian sky“. Personally, it gives me goosebumps… just think what those people lived and one year after they sing in front of the whole of Europe!

What do you think about the song? Do you like the quote? Let us know in the comment box below.

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