Rotterdam 2020!

It’s official, the 65th Eurovision Song Contest will be held on Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 12 – 16 of May 2020.

A moments ago, the 2020 host broadcasters (AVROTOS/NOS/NPO) announced that Rotterdam won the “City Race” beating Maastricht.

At first, many cities express their intentions to host the three shows. After the organisers clarified their needs, five cities enter the biding process. At the final phase, only two cities were left, Rotterdam and Maastricht. The organisers looked very closely the two bids and after months of speculations, they announced their final decision.

The Dates

Along with the city selection, it was announced the dates of the semis and the final. So every Euro-fan can now mark its calendar for 12 and 14 of May for the first and the second semifinal respectively. The Big Day will be on Saturday16 of May.


Rotterdam is the second-largest city of the Netherlands. Rotterdam is Europe’s largest port and the fourth in the world. It has a population of approximately 630.000. It is the architectural centre of the country. In the city, you can see some of the tallest buildings in the Netherlands.

What do you think about the city choice? Do you think it should be elsewhere? Let us know in the comment box below.

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