Best Of The Last – San Marino 2014

On this new series of weekly posts, we remind you the best entries that unfortunately finish last. Sometimes, even good songs don’t manage to succeed and we are here to freshen up your memory!

We continue our new series of weekly posts with something from the mid-2010s. The year was 2014 when San Marino was represented by Valentina Monetta with the song “Maybe”. Sadly, his song finished 24th out of 26 competing entries in the final with 14 points. On the other hand, until 2019 that was the best result of the country.

Valentina Monetta

Valentina Monetta was born on 1st of March 1975, in the City of San Marino. Valentina is an exceptional music talent mainly singing jazz and pop songs. She represented San Marino four times. From 2012 to 2014 and again in 2017. Her four participations tie her with Elisabeth Andreassen with the most Eurovision participations.

The song was an old-style ballad. The only thing I don’t agree is that in Eurovision she sang an English version of the song and not the Italian.

That is our last Best of the Last. Thank you for taking part in our rewinds. More posts will come soon. Stay tuned!
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What do you think about the song? Was last its deserved place? Let us know in the comment box below!


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