41 Countries Will Compete In 2020!

Photo By: NPO

A few minutes ago, it was released by the official site of the contest, the complete list of the participating nations. Check it out!

35 Countries in the Semis

Albania 🇦🇱Cyprus 🇨🇾Israel 🇮🇱Romania 🇷🇴
Armenia 🇦🇲Czech Republic 🇨🇿Latvia 🇱🇻Russia 🇷🇺
Australia 🇦🇺Denmark 🇩🇰Lithuania 🇱🇹San Marino 🇸🇲
Austria 🇦🇹Estonia 🇪🇪Malta 🇲🇹Serbia 🇷🇸
Azerbaijan 🇦🇿Finland 🇫🇮Moldova 🇲🇩Slovenia 🇸🇮
Belarus 🇧🇾Georgia 🇬🇪North Macedonia 🇲🇰Sweden 🇸🇪
Belgium 🇧🇪Greece 🇬🇷Norway 🇳🇴Switzerland 🇨🇭
Bulgaria 🇧🇬Iceland 🇮🇸Poland 🇵🇱Ukraine 🇺🇦
Croatia 🇭🇷Ireland 🇮🇪Portugal 🇵🇹

6 Direct to the Final

France 🇫🇷Netherlands 🇳🇱
Germany 🇩🇪Spain 🇪🇸
Italy 🇮🇹United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Based on the official site of Eurovision: eurovision.tv

As you may already know, two countries left the contest and two returned. Hungary and Montenegro decided to leave, at least for now their Eurovision dream. Both countries last year didn’t make it to the final. Hungary since its return to the contest in 2011, only missed the final one. In contrast, Montenegro returned to the contest in 2012 and since it only qualified two times. Bulgaria and Ukraine return to the contest after a one-year absence.

What do you think about the competing countries? Are you happy with the returning countries? Are you sad about Hungary’s and Montenegro’s absence? Let us know in the comment box below!

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