Australia Decides 2020: What We Know So Far!

Photo By: SBS

Australia’s national finalist will take place on 8 February in Queensland. This will mark the second time that the Australian audience will decide their representative through a national final. But what we know so far?

Dates & Hosts

Australia Decides will be live from the Gold Coast’s Convention and Exhibition Centre on 8 February. The hosts will remain the same as last year, Joel Creasey and Myf Warhurst. The duo is also the Australian commentators of the contest since 2017. (more)


The Australian broadcaster received songs from 29 August until 30 September. From November 8 and onwards, SBS is revealing two of the selected artists per time. Until today 6 songs have been announced and there are 4 remainings.


The first two artists that were revealed were Casey Donovan and Didirri. So far we know only Casey’s song title “Proud”. Next, was the time for iOTA and Mitch Tambo. Yesterday, another two singers were added to the list. Montaigne and Vanessa Amorosi will also try to fly the Australian flag to Rotterdam!

Until we have the songs, you can entertain yourself by listening to Australia’s last year’s entry!

What do you think about the national final? What do you think about the artists? Let us know in the comment box below.

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