Festivali i Këngës – The Albanian National Final Starts Tonight!

Photo By: RTSH

Festivali i Këngës starts tonight, making the first national final of the season!

Traditionally, the Albanian public broadcaster uses that music festival as its national final, although it has a history of almost 60 years, starting back in 1962! The winner of the national final wins the right to represent the country at Eurovision, with its winning song! However, some changes can occur to the entry, with a final edition being released around March. The changes most of the times include the translation of the song to English! Don’t forget that all the entries of the Albanian music festival must have Albanian lyrics!

How It Works?

The festival consists of two semifinals and one final. At each semi, ten songs are competing and after the end of both semis, 12 songs will make it to the final. At the night of the final, the qualified acts, sing again their songs and then a jury will vote. Is noteworthy that the result will be decided 100% by a jury!

Semi-Final 1

In the first semi-final, the artists will be: Genc Tukiçi and Nadia Tukiçi, Sara Bajraktari, Devis Xherahu, Kanita Suma, Kamela Islamaj, Bojken Lako, Elvana Gjata, Aldo Bardhi, Renis Gjoka and Albërie Hadërgjonaj.

Semi-Final 2

In the second semi-final, the artists will be Kastro Zizo, Tiri Gjoci, Olta Boka, Era Rusi, Wendi Mancaku, Robert Berisha, Gena, Eli Fara and Stresi, Arilena Ara and Valon Shehu. Among them is included one former Albanian representative. Otla Boka represented Albania back in 2008, in Belgrade. Her song “Zemrën E Lamë Peng” placed 17th in the final of Eurovision.

Albania In ESC 2019

Last year, Albania was represented by Jonida Maliqi and the song “Ktheju tokës”! The entry was entire in Albania. Jonida managed to qualify her country at the final of the contest. On the night of the final, Albania placed 17th with 90 points.

  • The first semifinal will take place tonight – 19th December. Interval Act: Mahmood
  • The second semifinal will take place tomorrow night – 20th December. Interval Act: Giusy Ferreri
  • The final of the festival will take place this Sunday – 22nd December. Interval Act: Eleni Foureira

What do you think about the national final? What is your favourite entry? Let us know in the comment box below!

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