Friday’s Xmas Quote – Sweden 1999

Our quote today is from the Swedish entry of 1999. The selected entry was “Take Me To Your Heaven” by Charlotte Perrelli.

Charlotte Perrelli was born on 7th of October 1974, in Sweden. Her birth name is Anna Jenny Charlotte Nilsson. She an established not only in her country, but to the whole continent. She represented Sweden in 1999 with the song “Take me to your heaven” and won it. In 2008 she represented once again Sweden. This time, her song “Hero” finished 18th.

Her song was “Take me to your heaven” and it was composed by Lars Diedricson. The lyrics were written by Gert Lengstrand and Marcos Ubeda. It finished 1st at the final with 163 points.

Take me to your heaven,

Hold on to a dream,

Take me to your heaven,

When my nights are cold and lonely

Flying high together,

On a journey to the stars,

Won’t you take me to your heaven to your heart.

The quote is in English as it is the rest of the song. For more Charlotte Perrelli’s quote click here.

That’s the last quote of 2019! Thank you for supporting Friday’s Quotes these past months and MyEuRoFreaKs! More news and articles are coming! Stay Tuned!

What do you think about the song? Do you like the quote? Let us know in the comment box below.

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