Czech Republic: ESCZ 2020 7 Artists Revealed!

Photo By: Česká Televize

Today, Česká Televize revealed the names of the 7 artists that will compete in the ESCZ 2020!

ESCZ is the national selection process that is used by the country in order to select its participant for the upcoming Eurovision event. This year will be the third time that this method will be used!


From the submitted songs, the public broadcaster selects the best of them (8 for 2018 and 2019, 7 for 2020) and opens a public online voting through the official mobile app of the Eurovision. At the end of the voting, some jury points are added and the final result is announced!

This national final has bring Czech Republic its best two results, with Mikolas Joseph placing 6th in 2018 and Lake Malawi coming 11th last year!


The 7 participants are:

  • Barbora Mochowa (also participant of the 2019 ESCZ)
  • Pam Rabbit (also participant of the 2019 ESCZ)
  • We all Poop (4-member band)
  • Elis Mraz & Cis T
  • Benny Cristo
  • Karelll
  • Olga Lounová

The seven participating songs will be released on the 20th of January and the same day the voting will open. The voting closes on the 2nd of February. A day later the winner will be announced!

What do you think about the participants? What do you think about ESCZ? Let us know in the comment box below!

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