Belgium 2020: Hooverphonic With “Release Me”!

Hooverphonic have been announced as the 2020 representative for Belgium, since 1 October. Today, their song “Release Me” was released!

The group is consisted by Alex Callier, Raymond Geerts and Luka Cruysberghs. The trio was formed back in 1995, having all these years counted many hits, including their 2000 song “Mad About You”. The same year, they also released their song “Visions”, specifically for the 2000 European Football championship. Alex Callier and Raymond Geerts are the original members of the group. Luka Cruysberghs is the singer of the group since 2018, having won the local edition of The Voice, a year earlier. Their entry “Release Me” is composed by Alex Callier and Luca Chiaravalli.

Belgium In 2019

Last year, the country was represented by Eliot. The artist was internally selected and therefore he sang for Belgium in Tel Aviv. His song “Wake Up” eliminated in the semifinals finishing 13th with 70 points.

Do you like the song? Is it enough to bring Belgium its second win? Write your thoughts in the comment box below.

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