Slovenia: EMA 2020 – Running Order For The Final!

Photo By: RTVSLO

Here is the running order of this Saturday’s EMA final!

  1. Simon Vadnjal – “Nisi sam”
  2. Saška – “Še kar lovim tvoj nasmeh”
  3. Gaja Prestor – “Verjamem vase”
  4. Ana Soklič – “Voda”
  5. INMATE – “The Salt”
  6. Manca Berlec – “Večnost”
  7. Tinkara Kovač – “Forever”
  8. Božidar Wolfand – Wolf – “Maybe Someday”
  9. Parvani Violet – “Cupid”
  10. Klara Jazbec – “Stop the World”
  11. Imset – “Femme Fatale”
  12. Lina Kuduzović – “Man Like U”

What do you think about the artists? What do you think about the songs? Let us know in the comment box below!


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