Germany 2020: Ben Dolic For 2020!

Photo By: NDR

The German broadcaster announced the artist that will represent the country in 2020’s contest.

It was announced that Ben Dolic will represent the country to the upcoming Eurovision event!

Ben Dolic was born on 4 May 1997, is a Slovene singer. His full name is Benjamin Dolič. He has participated in a variety of talent shows in Slovenia and Germany. He has also tried to represent the country once again in 2016. His entry is composed by Boris Milanov who has an experience in the contest, having composed songs for Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria and Azerbaijan.

His song “Violent Thing” was composed by Borislav Milanov, Peter St. James, Dag Lundberg, Jimmy Thorén and Connor Martin. The lyrics were written by Borislav Milanov, Peter St. James and Dag Lundberg.

Germany In ESC 2019

Last year, the country was represented by S!sters. Both the artists and the song were selected through a national final. Their song “Sister” placed 25th in the final with 24 points.

What do you think about Ben Dolic? Who do you think about Violent Thing? Can the entry give Germany its third victory? Let us know in the comment box below!

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