National Final Reminder: Kristin Husøy – Pray For Me!

Photo By: NRK

We begin the National Final Reminder of 2020 with something from Norway.

Norway selected its representative through Melodi Grand Prix, as usual. The only difference with previous editions is the number of participants and the number of the shows. Due to the 60th anniversary of the festival, there were five semifinals and one final. A total of 25 acts competed in it (more).

The song “Pray For Me” was Kristin Husøy’s entry to the music festival. Kristin competed in the third semifinal and won it. At the final, the song qualified not only in the Gold Final but also in the Gold Duel. The entry managed to finish 2nd beaten by “Attention” and Ulrikke with a margin of 0.72%. The song was composed by Galeyn Tenhaeff, Neil Hollyn, Marcia Sondeijker, Roel Rats and Kristin Husøy.

Kristin Husøy

Kristin Husøy was born on April 2, 2001, in Trondheim, Norway. She gained fame last year when she competed in the fifth season of the Norwegian version of The Voice. At the show, she joined Team Yosef. Yosef is part of the musical duo Madcon, which performed as an interval act at the 2010 edition of Eurovision. Sadly, Kristin was eliminated in the first live of the show, where she performed the song It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World.

You can listen to all the MGP 2020 songs here:

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