Eurovision 2020 Is Officially Cancelled!

Photo By: EBU

A few moments ago, EBU confirmed that this year’s Eurovision event is officially cancelled due to the spread of the COVID-19 among the European countries!

The last weeks, the whole Europe is fighting to stop the spread of coronavirus. Despite the efforts of each country, the situation is still difficult for the majority of nations. The EBU and the hosting broadcasters came to the decision that the contest is not moving on.

In the question, ” Why the contest isn’t moving to a later date?”, the EBU stated that first of all, we cannot know when the situation will allow the event to be held. Secondly, if the contest will be held i.e. in the middle of Summer, the winning broadcaster will have less time than usual for the 2021 contest.

It is still open whether the contest will be held in Rotterdam in 2021 and if the artist will be able to perform their 2020 entries.

The contest has been held every year since 1956 and is the first time that is going to be cancelled.

Eurovision 1980

The first I remember from this year’s situation was the 1980 contest. Israel won in 1979 the contest for the second time in a row. The public broadcaster of Israel could not fund another event like that so it turned down the opportunity. The EBU then turned to the second placer and BBC, but it wasn’t until NOS – the Dutch broadcaster stepped in. The Netherlands have finished in the 12th place in 1979. For the record, Israel became the only country that won and didn’t compete the following year. That was the closest the contest has come to the cancellation.

Today, 40 years later, the contest is cancelling, after Israel hosted the event and Dutch being the next hosting nation.

We are feeling deeply sorry about how the situation has developed, but our protection is more important than any contest!

We advise you to stay at home and protect yourself from the virus!

Thank you for the support this season and we promise you to keep you company the coming weeks with Eurovision related content!

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