National Final Reminder: Jasmin Rose feat. RoxorLoops – Human!

Photo By: Kristian Brasen/DR

We continue the National Final Reminder of 2020 with something from Denmark.

Denmark selected its representative through Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, as usual.

The song “Human” was Jasmin Rose feat. RoxorLoops’s entry to the contest. The duo failed to qualify to the Superfinal. The song was composed by Erik Smaaland, Gavin Jones, Grace Risch and Lise Cabble. Lisa Cabble has composed a variety of songs for Denmark in Eurovision, most notably Emelie De Forest’s winning entry of 2013.

Jasmin Rose Feat. RoxorLoops

RoxorLoops was born on April 28 1984, in Belgium. His real name is Senjka Danhieux and he is a beatboxer. His Eurovision journey begins back in 2006. RoxorLoops competed in the Belgian national selection, but he failed to qualify to the semis. In 2011, he competed once again in the national selection as part of Witloof Bay, an a cappella group. Witloof Bay sang “With Love Baby”, which placed 11th in the semi, failing to qualify for just one point.

Jasmin Rose is a Danish singer. She was born in the United Kingdom to an English father and a Danish mother. From a young age, she showed her interest in music. She is currently part of the duo Jasmin Rose Feat. RoxorLoops.

You can listen to all the DMGP’S 2020 songs here:

What do you think about the song? What do you think about the artists? Let us know in the comment box below.

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