Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light – 45 Countries Will Air The Show!

Photo By: EBU

A few minutes ago, it was announced via the official site of Eurovision that this year’s special Eurovision show will be broadcasted in a total of 45 countries.

Four countries that didn’t intend to participate in the 2020 edition of the event will air the show too. Montenegro, which withdrew from the event in late 2019, is among those four. Two more Balkan nations are on the list: the public broadcaster of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which last participated in 2016, and the public broadcaster of Kosovo, which has never attend any Eurovision event. Beyond the Balkan region, Kazakhstan will air the event. The former Soviet country has expressed its intention to participate in Eurovision in the past. Is noteworthy that since 2019 Kazakhstan has participated in the junior edition of the contest.

Bottom line Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light will be broadcasted by 46 broadcasters in 45 countries!


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