National Final Reminder: Francesco Gabbani – Vice Versa!

Photo By: RAI

We continue the National Final Reminder of 2020 with something from Italy.

Italy selected its representative through Festival di Sanremo, as usual. The music festival celebrated its 70th anniversary.

The song “Vice Versa” was Francesco Gabbani’s entry to the contest. At the final he placed second, winning both the jury and the public voting, but coming 2nd in the press voting. The song was composed by Pacifico and Francesco Gabbani.

Francesco Gabbani

Francesco Gabbani was born on 9 September 1982, in Carrara, Italy. He is better known for competing three times in the Italian music festival Sanremo. His first participation was in 2016 with the song Amen, which won the newcomers’ section. A year later, he entered the competition with the song Occidentali’s Karma and won it. He subsequently represented Italy in Eurovision, where he placed 6th despite being the fan-favourite. Since 2014 he has released four studio albums, the most recent one in 2020.

What do you think about the song? What do you think about the artist? Let us know in the comment box below.

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