Artist Profile: Spain 2020 – Blas Cantó!

Photo By: TVE

This year, Spain was going to be represented by Blas Cantó. Blas was born on 26 October 1991 in Murcia, Spain. His full name is Blas Cantó Moreno.

He rosed to fame as a member of the boy-band Auryn between 2009 and 2016. In 2017 he started his solo career. On September 2018 he released his first album “Complicado”, which reached the first place on the local charts. He is also signed to Warner Music Spain.

His relationship with Eurovision doesn’t start now. In 2004, when he was just thirteen years old he competed in the Spanish national final in order to represent his country to the junior edition of the contest. He reached the final of the national selection, but he lost to Maria Isabel, who eventually won for Spain – the first and only until today victory of Spain to the junior edition of the contest. In 2011, he tried again, but this time to the adult version as part of Auryn. The band reached the Spanish national but didn’t win.

In 2015 he competed in the music reality show “Your Face Sounds Familiar” and he won the whole show with 55% of the votes. His first solo single came out the same day as the final of YSFS and was titled “In Your Bed”. A year later he released his first solo single in Spanish. On 5 October it was announced by the Spanish public television that it was selected internally as this year’s Spanish representative.

The song “Universo” was entirely in Spanish and the title means “Universe”. Composers of the song were Dan Hammond and Blas Cantó himself.

Spain was prequalified in the Final, as being a part of the Big-5. Although, Spaniards were going to be able to vote in the second semifinal.

Blas will represent Spain in the 2021 edition of the contest.

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