JESC 2020: Germany Will Debut To The Contest!

Photo By: TVP

Earlier today the German public broadcasters announced that the country will debut in the upcoming edition of the contest.

KiKA, the public channel with children-oriented programmes, will be responsible for the German entry. Thus said the broadcasters have started searching for their first representative.

The song will be composed by Levent Geiger, finalist of last year’s edition of “Dein Song”. “Dein Song” is KiKA’s talent show for young composers, which in 2020 aired its 12th edition.

Germany will be the 40th nation to participate in the junior edition of Eurovision.

What do you think about the debut of the country? Are you excited? Let us know in the comment box below.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Rebecca Leonard says:

    One of the following:
    * Anisa Celik
    * Mayumi Munari
    * Nikolas Harrison
    * Nils Vandeven
    * Phil Schaller
    * Raschel Fischmann
    * Suzan Oselff
    * Teodora Vio


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