Friday’s Quote – Spain 1993!

Our quote today is from the Spanish entry of 1993. The selected entry was “Hombres” by Eva Santamaría.

Eva Santamaría was born on 18 October 1971 in Cadiz, Spain. Her full name is Eva María Delgado Macías. She has performed in a variety of musical television shows and she is currently focused in to theatre.

Her song was “Hombres” and it was composed by Carlos Toro. The conductor of the live performance was Eduardo Leiva. She placed 11th with 58 points.

Hombres y mujeres en la intimidad

Son como dos faros en la oscuridad

Como dos misterios parar desvelar

Son complementarios como guerra y paz

The quote is in Spanish as it is the rest of the song and it means “Men and women in intimacy, are like two lighthouses in the dark, like two mysteries to be solved, they’re complementary like war and peace”.

What do you think about the song? Do you like the quote? Let us know in the comment box below.

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