Results Of Our Polls!


The past few weeks we have been asking you about your opinion on our social media accounts! The votes are in and its time to present you the results!

Question: Should the broadcasters use juries on their national finals?

Total number of answers: 18

Yes: 72,2%

No: 27,8%

Question: Should broadcasters use national or international juries on their national finals?

Total number of answers: 22

National Juries: 27,27%

International Juries: 72,73%

Question: Should broadcasters select their entries through a national finals or internally?

Total number of answers: 19

National Finals: 84,21%

Internally: 15,79%

Question: Can the odds predict the Eurovision winner?

Total number of answers: 11

Yes: 18,19%

No: 81,81%

Question: Does the genre of an entry affect its place?

Total number of answers: 3

Yes: 33,3%

No: 66,7%

Question: What do you prefer?

Total number of answers: 8

Ballads: 25,0%

Uptempo Songs: 75,0%

NOTE: The results are a combination of the votes from our Instagram and Twitter account.

Do you agree with the results? Did you vote on our polls? Let us know in the comment box below!

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