Big 5 In Eurovision: France!

In this series of posts, we take a deeper look at the history of Big-5 countries; the countries that automatically qualify to the final!


France debuted at the contest in 1956, being one of the first 7 countries. Since then, it has participated in an impressing number of 62 times, missing the event twice – 1974, 1982. In 1974 the country selected its representative but withdrew due to the death of President Georges Pompidou the week of the contest. In 1982, TF1 – the network that was responsible for the french representatives – decided not to participate due to lack of talents. The first years, the country achieved very good results, in contrast to the two last decades – with a few exceptions.

The country is part of the “Big 5”, so its prequalified to the grand final. The country has topped the scoreboard on 5 contests (1958, 1960, 1962, 1969 and 1977), it came second in 5 contest, third 7 times and finished in the Top-5 in 9 more occasions. Its worst result came in 2014 when it finished last – for the first time – with just 2 points.

France As A Prequalified Country

The first semifinal of Eurovision took place in 2004. France participated directly to the final among with the 2003 Top-10 countries, Germany, Spain and United Kingdom. France placed 15th in a field of 24. Since then the country seven times placed between the 20th and 26th place. Slightly better the country scored 7 times between 10th and 19th place. The last 16 years the country placed in the Top-10 only twice in 2009 and in 2016.

Since the introduction of the semifinals, France has struggled to achieve high scores. Is noteworthy that in 2014 the country scored its worst result finishing last with just two points!

France In 2020

This year France was going to be represented by Tom Leeb with the song “Mon AlliĆ©e (The Best In Me)”. France decided not to chose Tom for the 2021 version of the contest, instead, the public broadcaster has revealed its plans for a national final.

What do you think about France in Eurovision? What is your favourite Big-5 country in the contest? Let us know on the comment box below!

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