Eesti Laul 2021: First Info About The National Final!

Photo By: ERR

The first information about the next edition of the Estonian national final has been released by ERR, the Estonian public broadcaster.

Deadlines & Rules

The deadline for submitting a song is Friday 6th of November. Everyone over 16 can submit an entry, no matter if they are Estonian citizens or citizens of other countries! However, every entry must have at least one Estonian in its team (composer, lyricist, etc.).

There is also a fee for every song that is submitted. Up to 31st of October for every Estonian language song the participant has to pay 25 euros and every for foreign language song it has to pay 75 euros. If someone submits its entry after that date it has to pay double the fee!


On the 16th of November, the selected artists will be revealed and in about a month the songs will be released.

There will be two semifinals with a total of 24 participants. The first semi will take place on 18th February and the second on 20th. The final will take place on 6th February, so mark your calendars today!

Find more about the Estonian national final here!

Are you excited about Eesti Laul? Is among the national finals you are planning to follow this year? Let us know on the comment box below!

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