Big 5 In Eurovision: Germany!

In this series of posts, we take a deeper look at the history of Big-5 countries; the countries that automatically qualify to the final!


Germany was one of the first countries to join the contest back in 1956 at the very first event. That year and under the rules that were in use, the country sent two songs, Freddy Quinn with “So geht das jede Nacht” and Walter Andreas Schwarz with “Im Wartesaal zum großen Glück”. At that contest only the winner was announced, all the others are marked as second placers.

From 1956, until today Germany has participated in a total of sixty-three times! The country every year sends a representative except for 1996. In 1996 a total of 30 countries wanted to participate and the host broadcaster – NRK – decided that only 23 will be able. With that in mind, all the nations sent an audio-only of their entries – Norway was a pre-qualified as a host country. Germany finished 24 and therefore didn’t perform at the live final. That is the only time the country was absent from the contest, although had the intentions to participate. The country is now part of the Big-5, meaning that is a pre-qualified for the final. The country has won two times in 1982 and 2010.

It has achieved the Top-10 thirty-five times not counting the first contest. At its first win in 1982, Germany was represented by Nicole and “Ein Bißchen Frieden” and in 2010 by Lena and “Satellite”. The other are: four times – 2nd place, five times – 3rd place, four times – 4th place, two times – 5th place, three times – 6th place, two times – 7th place, eight times – 8th place, three times – 9th place and two times – 10th place. Its most recent Top-10 result was in 2018 with Michael Schulte and “You Let Me Walk Alone”. The entry finished fourth with 340 points – the most of any other German entry! On the other hand, it has finished 7 times last, three of which with no points at all.

Germany As A Prequalified Country

The first semifinal of Eurovision took place in 2004. Germany participated directly to the final among with the 2003 Top-10 countries, France, Spain and United Kingdom. Germany placed 8th in a field of 24. Since then the country eight times placed between the 20th and 26th place. Slightly better the country scored 3 times between 10th and 19th place. The last 16 years the country placed in the Top-10 five times in 2004, 2010-2012 and in 2018. It remains the only Big 5 country to win after the introduction of the semis and only one of the two countries that were prequalified for the final and won it – the other being Greece in 2005.

Since the introduction of the semifinals, Germany has average results in the contest, have both high scores but also some last placings. Is noteworthy that in 2005, 2016 and 2017 the country finished last!

Germany In 2020

This year Germany was going to be represented by Ben Dolic with the song “Violent Thing”. Germany decided not to choose Ben for the 2021 version of the contest.

What do you think about Germany in Eurovision? What is your favourite Big-5 country in the contest? Let us know on the comment box below!

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