Anna Bergendahl Released New EP “Vera”!

Photo By: Artist’s Official Facebook Page

Anna Bergendahl released her new EP “Vera”. The composers of the EP are Anna Bergendahl, Fredrik Sonefors, Jimmy Jansson, Isa Molin, Joel Strömgren, Pontus Karlsson, Bre Kennedy, Riley Thomas Donnel, Robin Stjernberg, Anders Pettersson and David Lindgren Zacharias. On the EP you can find Anna Bergendahl’s latest single “Thelma and Louise”, and a collaboration with 2013’s Swedish representative Robin Stjernberg.

Anna Bergendahl was born on 11 December 1991, in Stockholm, Sweden. Her full name is Anna Henrietta Bergendahl. In 2008, she competed in the Swedish version of Idol where she placed 5th. She made her debut to Melodifestivalen in 2010, with the song “This Is My Life”. The song won and therefore she represented Sweden to Eurovision. That was the first a ballad won since 1998. Sadly, she didn’t manage to qualify to the grand final of Eurovision – the only Swedish entry to do so. In 2019, she came back to the contest. Her song “Ashes To Ashes” finished 10th. Later, in Summer she released her single “Home”. This year, she took part for the third time in the national final. She has released a total of two studio albums and four EPs.

Who do you think about the song? Do you prefer it more than her Eurovision entry? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.

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