ESC 2021: EBU Releases Statement Over The Belarusian Entry!

Since the release of the Belarusian entry, many fans have questioned BTRC’s decision due to the political background of the song.

What’s Going On In Belarus?

Belarusians have been demonstrating the last 9 months against the current government, starting after the country’s most recent elections. The current president of the country is called by many media as the “last dictator” of Europe.

Many past Eurovision acts from Belarus have expressed their support to the demonstrators like Naviband and VAL. VAL, the duo that was going to represent the country last year, wasn’t internally selected because as the Belarusian broadcaster stated they “had no conscience”.

Belarus In ESC 2021

This Tuesday it was announced that Galasy ZMesta – a band that has criticised the demonstrators – will represent the country with the song “Ya nauchu tebya (I’ll Teach You)”. Many fans waited EBU’s response because of the political meaning of the entry.

Today, it came as no surprise that EBU indeed rejected the song. According to the Union, BTRC has to change the lyrics of the song or to find a new song . If the broadcaster doesn’t comply with this, the country will be disqualified from the contest.

Last Update:

According to the Eurovision site, some Russia media has stated that the country may “refuse to participate” in Eurovision.

Source of EBU’s statement: