Which Songs Will Be Released This Week?


This week will be the last chance for countries to submit an entry for this year’s Eurovision! From the 40 participating countries there are four countries that still haven’t released their songs.


Malta internally selected its 2020 participant, Destiny, to perform this year. The title of Destiny’s song it is still not known. However, the song will be released tomorrow (15/03) at 17:00 CET.


Azerbaijan internally selected its 2020 participant too. Efendi will return this year with the song “Mata Hari“. The song will also be released tomorrow on an unspecified time. Below you can watch a teaser for her song.


Georgia has also internally selected its 2020 participant Tornike Kipiani. Tornike’s song “You” will be much different than his 202o entry. It is unknown when his song will be released, however, it is more likely to be released tomorrow.

Update: Tornike will release his song tomorrow at 13:30 CET!


Initially the country selected Galasy ZMesta and the song “Ya Nauchu Tebya” to represent it. However, due to the political message of the song, EBU rejected the entry. It is yet for the country to announce if it will replace the entry or it will withdrawn from the contest.

For which song release are you most excited about? Do you believe the 2021 winner will be among these entries? Let us know in the comment box below!

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