Friday’s Quote – Greece 1997!

Our quote today is from the Greek entry of 1997. The selected entry was “Horepse” by Marianna Zorba.

Marianna Zorba was born on December 1, 1967, in Athens, Greece. In 1997, she represented Greece in Eurovision with a song composed by Manolis Manouselis. Just a week before the contest, the two artists engaged and they got married a couple of weeks after the contest. In 2002, she left Athens and moved to Crete. She is currently a music teacher.

Hórepse, stis kardiás mou tous xtýpous, páli

San karaváni, t’ ástra, n’ akolouthó

Hórepse, tis erímou, margaritári

Mes’ ap’ to sóma sou, n’ anastithó

The quote is in Greek as the rest of the song and it means “Dance, on the beats of my heart, again, like a caravan, to follow the stars, dance, pearl of the desert, through your body, to be resurrected”. The song is composed by Manolis Manouselis and placed 12th in the final with 39 points. Conductor of the live performance was Anacreon Papageorgiou.

What do you think about the song? Do you like the quote? Let us know in the comment box below.

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