ESC 2021: Rehearsals – Day 5! (Final Update)


The fifth day of rehearsals took place today. Fifteen out of the sixteen competing acts of the first semifinal rehearsed for the second time at the Rotterdam Ahoy.

Lithuania 🇱🇹

Lithuania opened the rehearsals today. Nothing really changed from the first rehearsal, but I don’t think they should have changed anything! Everything seems well organised and the choreography is well synchronised. This entry will easily be among the qualifiers, in my opinion!

Slovenia 🇸🇮

Ana on her second run of rehearsals presented a show similar to her first rehearsal. She wore her high-heels this time and she – as expected – sang the song perfectly! However, I don’t think this entry will manage to qualify!

Russia 🇷🇺

Russia is adding more things up for its performance. Today, we show the outfits of the backing vocalists – all in gold. The song has definitely developed through time and the performance is really powerful. Will Russia even win the semifinal?

Sweden 🇸🇪

Tusse has amazing vocals and a solid appearance. However, qualifying from this semifinal will be not an easy path for Sweden. Many fan-favourites songs are competing in the first semifinal… I don’t say that Sweden won’t qualify, but at least will not qualify in the Top-5.

Australia 🇦🇺

Let me say that I like Australia’s entry, but like Sweden I believe it would be hard for it to qualify. Montaigne has extremely well vocals and her outfit fits the songs title. Juries may vote more for it than the audience from home, but is that enough?

North Macedonia 🇲🇰

On the video above, you can see the virtual image of Vasil’s heart. The disco effect, today, didn’t work well, but I believe Vasil will succeed during the live performance. I’m rooting for him, but qualifying will be a very hard task for him.

Ireland 🇮🇪

I love both Lesley and her song. She has put so much effort in her performance, but I think she didn’t quite need all of them. Nevertheless, I like what I see in most of her performance. Only at the part with the two books – the one you can see above – I believe its like you see an Instagram live… For now, I would say that Lesley is borderline for qualifying.

Cyprus 🇨🇾

Elena enjoys every minute on the stage and that makes her performance even better. Despite dancing during her singing parts, she doesn’t miss a note. This can easily not only qualify, but also place in the Top-10 of the final.

Norway 🇳🇴

Norway really doesn’t give me a clear qualifier energy. TIX has a qualifier’s energy, but i don’t know if viewers could understand the song’s message. The staging hasn’t any obvious change comparing it with the first rehearsal.

Croatia 🇭🇷

I love watching the artists smile during their performance – that means they enjoying it. Today, I notice it in many performances. Albina is among the entrants that have the time of their lives on stage. The 80s vibes really work out and the shots make the stage looks perfect.

Belgium 🇧🇪

Belgium fixed the camera shots, improving the general performance. The vocals are really good and that starting to feel like it can achieve a result like Belgium’s 2017 entry!

Israel 🇮🇱

Just listen that high notes and watch her crown… I really like the Israeli song – even before the revamp version – the only that doesn’t fit right to the song is the dress. The song doesn’t have much dedicated followers and if you consider the current political situation in the country… the chances for the country to qualify are lower than I would have wish.

Romania 🇷🇴

Ok… I know many fans really love this song, but I just like it. Roxen’s vocals improved from the first rehearsal, I still though can’t say for sure Romania will qualify.

Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

My herpetophobia doesn’t really make me wanna watch Azerbaijan’s performance. Efendi’s vocals are like the studio version, but I’m not impressed. Cleopatra would have gone better, but Mata Hari isn’t convincing me.

Ukraine 🇺🇦

After Kateryna’s quarantine earlier today, Ukraine had a stand-in singer for its rehearsal. There are not many huge differences, as of the point of production, from the first rehearsal.

Tomorrow, Malta, half of the competing entries of the 2nd semifinal – San Marino, Estonia, Czech Republic, Greece, Austria, Poland, Moldova, Iceland and Serbia – will perform their songs for the second time on the Eurovision stage. Moreover, the prequalified entries will sing for the first time in Rotterdam.

What do you think about the second rehearsals? What are your favourite and your least favourite act so far? Let us know on the comment box below!

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