ESC 2021: Rehearsals – Day 7! (Final Update)


The seventh day of rehearsals took place today. The remaining 8 countries that compete in the 2nd semifinal – Georgia, Albania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland, Latvia, Switzerland and Denmark – performed their songs for the second time on the Eurovision stage.

Georgia 🇬🇪

Tornike’s performance is growing in me, but no matter how I like the staging the problem is the song! I don’t believe there are “Eurovision” and no “Eurovision” songs, however the song is not memorable enough – especially being after Serbia and before Albania.

Albania 🇦🇱

Singing in your native language is something I love. Albania has made the most of its performance, without having more than just Anxhela on stage. Interestingly, Albania’s best entry (2012) was a solo woman. Despite believing some backing vocalists will be nice if there were on stage, I strongly believe Albania will qualify.

Portugal 🇵🇹

I can’t really express my feelings on Portugal. I’m confused, but for sure I don’t think it will qualify! The staging is good I guess… but not a memorable song …

Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Bulgaria is still on the run for the victory, being currently among the TOP-10 in the odds. Victoria has the voice and the broadcaster really paid for the staging. Can Bulgaria qualify? Yes! Can Bulgaria win? I don’t think so…

Finland 🇫🇮

Finland didn’t surprise us. A nice staging combined with an energetic performance. I believe Finland will qualify, but not in the first places.

Latvia 🇱🇻

What an energetic performance! The song is unique and the staging decent. Latvia this year will have though a tough task… I can’t say that Samanta will qualify for the final!

Switzerland 🇨🇭

My only concerns on the Swiss entry are the outfit – I mention it also in the first rehearsal – and the intensive moves of his hands. Of course, I’m judging a potential semifinal winner!

Denmark 🇩🇰

I love the ’80s vibes of this entry and the energy of the singer. Can Denmark qualify? Sadly, only if gods show some mercy.

Tomorrow, the pre-qualifying entries of the contest – Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and Spain – will perform their songs for the second time on the Eurovision stage.

What do you think about the rehearsals? What are your favourite and your least favourite act so far? Let us know on the comment box below!

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