ESC 2021: Who will qualify from the first semifinal?


So… tonight is the first semifinal of 2021’s edition of the Eurovision. After two year’s without a contest, the wait is finally over. The bookmakers have made their mind about the 10 acts they believe will qualify to the Big Final.

The betting odds are provided by EurovisionWorld.

Note: On the parenthesis, you can check the qualifying chances.

  1. Malta 🇲🇹 (95%)
  2. Cyprus 🇨🇾 (95%)
  3. Lithuania 🇱🇹(94%)
  4. Ukraine 🇺🇦 (94%)
  5. Russia 🇷🇺 (90%)
  6. Sweden 🇸🇪 (84%)
  7. Norway 🇳🇴 (76%)
  8. Croatia 🇭🇷(73%)
  9. Azerbaijan 🇦🇿(60%)
  10. Belgium 🇧🇪 (58%)
  11. Romania 🇷🇴(48%)
  12. Israel 🇮🇱(42%)
  13. Australia 🇦🇺 (28%)
  14. Ireland 🇮🇪 (25%)
  15. Slovenia 🇸🇮(20%)
  16. North Macedonia 🇲🇰(16%)


My Opinion:

Definitely Qualifying: Malta, Cyprus and Lithuania

Probably Will Qualify: Ukraine, Russia and Sweden

Can Go Both Ways: Norway, Croatia, Israel, Belgium and Romania

Probably Not Qualifying: Azerbaijan, Australia and Ireland

Definitely Not Qualifying: Slovenia and North Macedonia

That’s what bookmakers have decided and what I think.

What do you think? Who will qualify? Write your thoughts on the comment box below!

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