Anna Vissi Released New Single “Ki Omos Den Teleionei”!

Anna Vissi collaborated with Babis Stokas in her new single “Ki Omos Den Teleionei Edo”, which means “It doesn’t end here”. The song is composed by Luca Barbarossa and Nikos Moraitis.

Anna Vissi was born on 20 December 1957, in Larnaca, Cyprus. With a career that spreads in more than four decades, Anna Vissi is one of the biggest female artists of Greece and Cyprus. She has released 28 studio albums, all of which with great success. Except for singing, she is a songwriter, actress, television presenter and businesswoman. She has participated in a total of three times in Eurovision, two times for Greece (1980, 2006) and one time for Cyprus (1982). Her best placing was for Cyprus when she finished 5th with 85 points. Her most recent album came out in 2019 and it is titled “Iliotropia”, which means “Sunflowers”. The album topped the Greek charts.

Who do you think about the song? Do you like this collaboration? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.

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