National Final Reminder: Tom Hugo – Det Er Du!

Photo By: SVT

We continue the National Final Reminder with something from 2013. Today, we will travel in Norway.

Norway back in 2013 decided its representative through Melodi Grand Prix, as usual. Twenty-one entries competed in the national selection.

The song “Det Er Du” was one of those 21 entries performed by Tom Hugo. The song was composed by Tom Hugo. The entry was eliminated in its semifinal.

Tom Hugo was born on 27 October 1979, in Kristiansand, Norway. His full name is Tom Hugo Hermansen. He is a singer and songwriter. He has participated in the Norwegian national final four times. In 2013, in 2018 – solo act – and in 2019 and 2021 as part of Keiino. In 2019, the group won the national final, with the song “Spirit In The Sky” and finished 6th at the final.

What do you think about the song? What do you think about the artist? Let us know on the comment box below.

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