Emmelie De Forest Released New Single “Typical Love Song”!

Photo By: Artist’s Official Facebook Page

Emmelie De Forest released her new single “Typical Love Song”. The song is her first in a while and manages to alternate the ’80s classic song “Big In Japan”. The song is composed by Emmelie De Forest, Adam von Mentzer, Louise Udin, Elise Hedengren – composers of “Big In Japan” are Marian Gold, Frank Mertens and Bernhard Lloyd.

Emmelie De Forest

Emmelie was born on 28th February 1993, in Randers, Denmark. Her full name is Emmelie Charlotte-Victoria de Forest. Her mother is from Denmark and her father was from Sweden. She started singing at the age of 9. In 2013, she competed in the national final and not only won it but also she won the Eurovision. Since then she has released two studio albums, one EP and a couple of singles. She was also the co-writer of Anja Nissen’s entry to the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in 2016 – “Never Alone” – and UK’s Eurovision entry in 2017 “Never Give Up on You”. Her latest album was released in 2018.

Who do you think about the song? Which is your favourite song by Emmelie De Forest? Write your thoughts on the comment box below.


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